IMAG0406 patty 1

This is the blog of Ms Rice and Peas, based in West Hampstead.

I have been cooking traditional Jamaican food for 30 years, having been taught by my Grandmother.

Every Friday I cook a hearty Jamaican meal, and I alternate  between Curry Mutton, Oxtail Stew, Brown Stew Chicken, Macaroni Cheese and Callaloo Roti.

All my food is child friendly and contain lots of hidden vegetables. The rice and peas is my speciality  and  always cooked fresh to order.


I do not use tinned peas/beans in my food. Meat is cooked on the bone slowly and all my food is cooked fresh to order.

If you live in West Hampstead/Kilburn and like delicious Caribbean food email me and I will put you on the menu list.

The picture above is a Lamb Patty. I make Lamb, Beef, Saltfsh and Callaloo Patties, Please contact me to order.

I look forward to feeding you

Ms Rice & Peas

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