It’s all about Rice an Peas

By popular request I have started selling rice and peas in the Kilburn West Hampstead area. The customers seem to like it as I have been over whelmed by the response to my food. Every week more and more people are buying my food. Its good wholesome food, nutritious and healthy just like my Granny’s.

I have been cooking traditional Jamaican food for 30 years, having been taught as child by my Grandmother.

Every Friday I cook a traditional Jamaican meal, which is made using the traditional methods. I do curry mutton, oxtail stew, brown stew chicken, macaroni cheese, roti and callaloo. The rice and peas is my speciality, cooked fresh from scratch I do not use tinned peas/beans in my food. Meat is cooked on the bone slowly and all my food is cooked fresh to order.

I do not serve overnight food nor do I use shop bought stock in my gravy, it’s all home-made.

Here’s how it works, every Wednesday I will post  the menu for Friday. You can order by phone or email, no later than Thursday afternoon for pick up on Friday. We deliver locally, if you’re in Kilburn or West Hampstead.

I also cater for dinner parties or I can help you fill your freezer! Give me call on 07956/857628 and tell me what you need.

Read Ms Marmite lover’s review of my rice an peas:

Rice n Peas http://t.co/EOAYcAai #riceandpeascaribbeanfood 


The English Can Cook: Rice n Peas
Anonymous said…
Good Food from Good People.
9 October 2012

I am on Facebook: Msriceanpeas@groups.facebook.com


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